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發布日期 2014-11-24
標題 2015 臺北渣打馬拉松新聞發佈會
內容 2015 臺北渣打馬拉松新聞發佈會

也特別邀請到藝人曾之喬、籃球選手星周儀翔、馬拉松女子冠軍好手簡培宇特別出席記者會支持「2015 臺北渣打公益馬拉松」,一同以行動支持渣打號召全民一起為公益而跑!

“2015 Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon” registration starts at 4pm on 24th November 2015
Inviting everyone to run for a good cause next year on 8th February

Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) Limited is going to host the second annual “2015 Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon” on February 8th 2015. Standard Chartered Bank will donate a total of NTD15 million in promoting care for the visually impaired. The donation will be used to support local visually impaired employment project and to help prevent blindness world-wide. This marathon is Standard Chartered’s way of giving back to the community.

In 2013 and 2014, Standard Chartered successfully hosted the Charity Roadrun and Charity Marathon, attracting over 56,000 runners in Taiwan. In the coming 2015, Standard Chartered will continue to host international charity marathons here. Expanding the tournament and increasing the registering spots will offer people more opportunities to run for a good cause together with Standard Chartered. 

Standard Chartered also launched an event on the Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon fan page on Facebook for caring visually impaired. Starting from today till event day on 8th February, 2015, upload a picture of yourself running or the running car and use
#StandardCharteredMarathon on your wall, you can join Standard Chartered to support the charity. The 1000th, 5000th, 10000th, 15000th and 20000th person who joined the cause will receive a special gift!

Celebrity Joanne Tseng, Dacin’s basketball player Shawn Chou and Asics sponsored marathon runner Pei-Yu Jian support 2015 Taipei Standard Chartered Charity Marathon by joining the ceremony. They will be at the starting line with 37,000 runners on 8th February 2015 to show their support and get more people to care.

To encourage more people to join the Charity Marathon, Standard Chartered specifically created a running car to promote this event, hoping everyone can attend and support for the visually impaired. The running car will first debut on 7th December at Ximentin. A special guest will appear on the day to meet everyone!

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